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If you dare to dream: Heaven of healing Herbs

Due to Corona regulations the show was cancelled : In 32 works the flow of life is featured through flowers. This river of 31 works for the the gorgeous Baroque / Rococo Slot Zeist these works like to be shown in castles, museums or galleries. Or in yóur house. Contact me if you dare:


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To celebrate birthdays, remembrances, love, comfort and inspiration, a series of cards is printed for you. You can order here:

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06-02-2020 / 09-02-2020 Haute Photographie Rotterdam


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18-11-2019 Studiovisit by Alex de Vries

Alex de Vries has written a story of my life as an artist in the online art-magazine Mister Motley (in Dutch).  If you you like to improve your Dutch Alex' article is a great exercise, if not, I suggest to read  about my work in German or English language on this page

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06-01-2020 A letter from the Artist

Dear lovers of art


In 1982 I read Judy Chicago’s ‘Through the Flower, my Struggle as a Woman Artist’ in which she talks about teaching a group of young women at the art college. I wrote an essay and gave several talks on the subject, one of them to a group of a few hundred women at the Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. Chicago’s book inspired me and gave me confidence to pursue a career in art, as a woman ànd as a mother, something that female art colleagues strongly advised against at the time. They themselves had chosen a career as an artist over having children. I am so glad I chose to be an artist ànd a mother. Recently, Judy Chicago’s exhibition opened at the Baltic Centre for the Arts in Newcastle (Gateshead) UK. I’d like to honour women’s creativity by going to this exhibition and get to learn more about it. Will you go there too?

If you like to read more about my own life and my '’Struggle as a Woman Artist’ you can read this article in Mister Motley 

Margriet Smulders



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PAN artfair booth 134

Zerp Galerie presents (a.o.)  the works Mignonne allons voir (2019) and A Saturday in May (2019)  booth 134 @ PAN Art fair



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04-07-2019 Ludamus, let's play

Ludamus, what if we play together and organize a new way of life
Last winter, I visited the exhibition ‘Pure Rubens’ in the Boymans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam and found myself inspired by Rubens’ oil sketch of Psyche Taken Up into Olympus. Unlike Rubens I am all for the idea of a woman as god and creator!
My new series ‘Ludamus’, Latin for ‘Let’s Play’, came into existence. I long for divine, voluptuous goddesses flying to heaven. I engaged dancers, who could watch their movements on the screen during the shoot. Working that directly and in the moment, created a burst of playful energy, as you can see.
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2-8-2019 / 10-8-2019 Salzburg International ArtFair

SIAF Salzburg International ArtFair. Salzburg Airport Austria. Amadeus terminal 2, Reinisch Contemporary, Booth 1.  

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13/09/2019 - 29/10/2019 Holy Disorders

Domchurch Utrecht, come and see my show 'Holy Disorders'. Wonders happening each day in this most majestic and historic building.

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6/7/2019 - 1/9/2019 Fill Your Heart

6/7/2019 - 1/9/2019, Vernissage at 15 PM, ZERP Galerie Rotterdam
Duo exhibition Margriet Smulders / Mary A Waters

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