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November 19-26 PAN Amsterdam 2023, RAI

Last years October I got drunk on the colors of the red wild vine. Before the leaves would blow away I started picking and photographing them. They now meander through my new works on display at the upcoming PAN.

Galerie Dom 'Arte, Gerry Broos         Booth 63

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2020 /2022 Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Happy to announce a film has been made: Oogmerk, a series on Dutch artists. How I make these works.  

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9-13 November 2023, ART & ANTIQUE, Vienna

Helmut Reinisch and his team are presenting my work at the ART & ANTIQUE in Vienna at this gorgeous international fair inside the Hofburg palace. My works are surrounded in Reinisch Contemporary Art Gallery by works of among others: Herbert Brandl, Katharina Grosse, Arnulf Rainer, Erwin Wurm. Feel welcome to join the party!
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Till 12-09-2023 , An Angel at my Mirror @ galerie Dom'Arte

You can still see this summer show from the end of August till half September.  
Last day of the exhibition will be 12-09-2023
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Love in Eternity ❤️ Bob & Nienke

Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be?
Golden beautiful couple Nienke Bawa and Bob Kootte fell in love, lived together and loved each other only for a few years and died last August of a mysterious poisoning in Colombia.
The questions around their death did not get clear answers yet.
I am so grateful the parents of Bob Kootte asked me to make an artwork to celebrate the lives of their beloved son Bob and his girlfriend Nienke with the flowers of their funeral.
We celebrated the revelation of their Eternal Love story.  Bob❤️Nienke

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Hé Huân Huà, The Chinese 'tree of collective happiness'

Each morning when I enter our studio garden I see that nothing is more beautiful than the stillness of our garden in the morning sun. Last year we planted the Persian sleeping tree, called "Hé Huān Huā" in Chinese. The pink fluffy tassels call me: ´Hey ho! see me. I want you to make me see us.
We are dancing here for you, almost in the air'. The fern-like green leaflets are very sensitive, they close at nighttime ánd when you touch them. Hope you see them bloom one of these weeks. Mimosa bark (Albizia julibrissin) has a rich history in traditional Chinese medicine. The Materia Medica states that Hé Huān Pí calms the five Yinne Organs, makes people happy without worry; literally makes their eyes shine.
The Chinese 'the tree of collective happiness' also known as 'silk tree'.  

In our studio garden the sleeping silk tree is growing slowly, last summer appeared two pink fluffy tassels.

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16-9-2022 / 18-9-22 UNSEEN Amsterdam

Contour Gallery presents my newest works at international Photography art fair UNSEEN.  See you soon!

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It's my dream women will grow like flowers pushing through the glass ceiling.

I made this work as I’ve felt shocked by women’s rights being violated globally. I so want to change this. I wish for women to be respected, admired and cherished as we do with flowers.

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2022-07-16 Let’s party and celebrate!!

Saturday 16th of July, Muriel Mager of Contour Gallery and yours truly are throwing a party to celebrate the our new and fresh collaboration with Contour Gallery and the opening of the exhibition ‘MAKE LOVE NOT WAR - the Power of the Flower’. From 3 PM till 5 PM
See you then!

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14-06-2022 /19-06-2022 Photo Basel

Rotterdam Contour Gallery, proudly presents Margriet Smulders at Photo Basel

We where happy to be featured in the Guardian


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