01-01-2021 New Horizons / Solo Galerie Dom'Arte

'Like a new lover, these images offer the potential of something astounding about to happen, experiences that you've always longed for.  


 'Paradoxically, they also arouse desire that can never be consummated. They almost turn the eye into an organ that could taste and gorge on these delicious images. But the eye can’t lick or chew, so we can never get enough of these velvety, purple irises, the ragged orange tulips and crumpled lips of full-blown petals. Smulders’ potent images are full of potential for imagining ourselves into these seductive landscapes. We could get lost; there is so much to see. They must be seen in the flesh, however, to know how beguiling they really are. But beware; they are perilous because looking at images so beautiful makes it hard to walk away. How can we part from these gorgeous things, abandoning them to their succulent excesses?' (Siobhan Wall)

Gerry Broos' Galerie Dom ‘Arte in Rucphen has seven of my latest works on show in her freshly painted spacious pavilion. Covid-regulations apply and you are welcome to visit (Only by appointment)