Dreams: Chapel

( disclaimer: this image is used for inspiration, it is not a design of the so discussed chapels below. )

The general idea of this project consists of preferably several chapels for visitors to slow down, relax and dream in; a chapel as an opportunity to reflect and thrive.

Margriet explains that she prefers the idea of God the Mother, the Creator to the general notion of God the Father. In the chapel’s interior Margriet wants to show work of women being celebrated.

The works would pay tribute to women who are being humiliated and harmed and yet keep going, who choose life over survival and who never stop to care, for children, environment, growing food, water, etc. and take full responsibility for the softer powers that be.

The chapels would become spaces of serenity and self-reflection, yet most of all a much-needed place to dream away in, if only for a while.