Secret Garden, 2023

Sepandārmazgān, 2023,

75 x 286,4 cm, and a bigger customized size which suits your room ( in an edition of 4 ). Ask my gallery!

This work is a call for freedom and women's rights,

The title came to me by a post on instagram by an artist in Iran. She is also a singer and activist and put in jail because she wanted to renew the celebration of Sepandārmazgān, an ancient Iranian festival with Zoroastrian roots dating back to the Persian Empire. A government forbids women to celebrate life together. What is frightening this government? I was touched and shocked the young girl had to be silent. 

Sepandārmazgān is dedicated to Spenta Armaiti also known as “Diana” the Persian Goddess of love, beauty, and desire. The day Diana was born, February 24th, is known as the “Spendarmad,” which means “Day of Love.” This day is the annual celebration to honor the female being and mother earth. According to Iranian scholar al-Biruni, it was a day where women rested, and men had to bring them gifts. The observation of this ancient festival has been revived in modern Iran as a celebration day of love towards mothers and wives. This work is a call for freedom and women's rights.