Rococo, 2022

Hé Huân Huà, 2022

90 x 120 cm, 111 x 148 cm, 147 x 196 cm

Each morning when I enter our studio garden I see that nothing is more beautiful than the stillness of our garden in the morning sun. Last year we planted the Persian sleeping tree, called "Hé Huān Huā" in Chinese. The pink fluffy tassels call me: ´Hey ho! see me. I want you to make me see us.
We are dancing here for you, almost in the air'. The fern-like green leaflets are very sensitive, they close at nighttime ánd when you touch them. Hope you see them bloom one of these weeks. Mimosa bark (Albizia julibrissin) has a rich history in traditional Chinese medicine. The Materia Medica states that Hé Huān Pí calms the five Yinne Organs, makes people happy without worry; literally makes their eyes shine.
The Chinese 'the tree of collective happiness' also known as silk tree.

In our studio garden the sleeping silk tree is growing slowly, last summer appeared two pink fluffy tassels.