Life Size Nature

Go with a light Foot

2017, 120 x 332 cm and a special size which suits your room


Go, little naked and impudent songs,
Go with a light foot!
(Or with two light feet, if it please you!)
Go and dance shamelessly!
Go with an impertinent frolic!

Greet the grave and the stodgy,
Salute them with your thumbs at your noses.

Here are your bells and confetti.
Go! rejuvenate things!
Rejuvenate even "The Spectator."
⁠Go! and make cat calls!
Dance and make people blush,
Dance the dance of the phallus
⁠and tell anecdotes of Cybele!
Speak of the indecorous conduct of the Gods!
⁠(Tell it to Mr. Strachey.)

Ruffle the skirts of prudes,
⁠speak of their knees and ankles.
But, above all, go to practical people—
⁠go! jangle their door-bells!
Say that you do no work
⁠and that you will live forever.

Ezra Pound