It shines, it whispers (2014)

S/He Died to Save Our Souls

2014, 120 cm x 166 cm, 160 x 221 cm

This work, S/He Died to Save Our Souls, one of a tryptich, is made to comfort people who lost their dearest ones. The inspiration to make this triptych not only came from the blooming sunflowers on the 17th of July 2014. I was motivated to soften the horror of the MH17 disaster and the fate of volunteers looking for remnants of bodies between the sunflowers.

To remember those who fell down on sunflowers the 17th of July 2014, Flight MH17
It takes time to give a work the right title.
Time to read poems, to dream on my cloudswing, to dance, to work in the garden, to listen ...
What do I hear? Is it my inner voice or a voice from above?