Holy Disorders, 2020


2020, 123 x 122 cm / 85 x 85 cm

Caramere is made to fulflll my ambition and dream to grow through the glass ceiling, respecting nature.
Many women have these longings, dreams and ambitions to be free and respect nature.

A friend wrote about this work:
a Dutch master
darkness mixed with pastoral imagery -
It is like a mystical dawn in a forest after a vikings' or witches' gathering the night before, with the thick morning fog flowing over the blooming spring flowers and the asleep, exhausted, naked bodies of the party-goers.
Or maybe a bird's-eye view of a sleeping god or giant, its knees reaching up through the clouds like mountains piercing the heavens, the beautiful forests exploding in colourful fertility under its body.

I also made Caramere to dream better and to clear my mind when I go to sleep. It hangs by my bed and it helps.