Amsterdam, September 2005

A work 11 metres wide, commissioned by Houthoff-Buruma law firm, Amsterdam, featuring frogs, irises, and fishes (September 2005).

Serie Amor Omnia Vincit (2005)



"There is a subtle menace in Smulders's photograph: twisted twigs cut across the composition, and the blue watery center of the image is a void, which threatens to engulf the floral fragility. Although Smulders has used the classic photographic genre of still life, color is exaggerated and hyperreal, combining to create a jarring effect that is far removed from the perceived idea of the flower photograph. Like many contemporary photographers, including Helen Chadwick and Susan Derges, Smulders has perceived death in nature, the inevitability of decay. Flowers emerge from the image like teeth and tongues; body parts drift in liquid, destined to rot."

from: What makes great photography - 80 masterpieces explained by Val Williams