Holy Disorders, 2019, Domchurch, Utrecht

This Gives Life To Me

This Gives Life To Me, 2013,160 x 120 cm

At the Dom Church in Utrecht, Margriet Smulders’ floral still lives brightened up the place.
Since the Reformation in 1566, the church’s interior hasn’t been that joyously colourful and light. Margriet Smulders shows in “Holy Disorders” a vast number of ingredients used. Sometimes, they don’t make sense, then again they toss and turn, scrape and scratch or ruffle our feathers, always presenting combinations of darkness and light in every shade. From Margriet Smulders’ worlds we get our hopes up. They give us comfort and joy always, but maybe more so in these bizarre times, when we need her work the most. (Jenneke Noordhoek in her opening speech, September 13, 2019)