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All emancipation starts with education in my latest photo, a girl is flying high.

The school building that houses our studios was built in 1913 and dedicated to Johanna de Lestonac who was the first to establish catholic schools for girls around 1600.

As noble lady, she was the niece of humanist and philosopher Michel de Montagne, she married Gaston de Montferrand, Baron of Landiras, in 1573, with whom she had seven children. Three of them died in infancy. When her husband died, she wanted to enter the convent, but there she fell ill. That was a sign that she needed to go out into the world again, and she recovered. In 1605, the plague broke out in Bordeaux. Johanna led a group of young women to care for sick plague victims. Commissioned by Jesuits, she and these inspired women continued their collaboration to found girls' schools in Bordeaux.

She obeyed her calling to found in 1607 ,La Congrégation des Filles de Notre-Dame' (the Order of the Daughters of Our Lady) for the purpose of teaching girls in schools.
She proved to be very dedicated and obedient to her vocation and her modesty caused her to be beatified in 1900, just before our school was built and canonized in 1949.
Johanna de Lestonac is pictured with a book and sometimes with a girl pupil by her side.

All emancipation starts with education. I want more women to fly through the glass ceiling so it makes me happy in my latest photo, one is flying high. Come and see more of our work.



Welcome the weekend

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