06-01-2020 A letter from the Artist

Dear lovers of art


In 1982 I read Judy Chicago’s ‘Through the Flower, my Struggle as a Woman Artist’ in which she talks about teaching a group of young women at the art college. I wrote an essay and gave several talks on the subject, one of them to a group of a few hundred women at the Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. Chicago’s book inspired me and gave me confidence to pursue a career in art, as a woman ànd as a mother, something that female art colleagues strongly advised against at the time. They themselves had chosen a career as an artist over having children. I am so glad I chose to be an artist ànd a mother. Recently, Judy Chicago’s exhibition opened at the Baltic Centre for the Arts in Newcastle (Gateshead) UK. I’d like to honour women’s creativity by going to this exhibition and get to learn more about it. Will you go there too?

If you like to read more about my own life and my '’Struggle as a Woman Artist’ you can read this article in Mister Motley 

Margriet Smulders