For you to relax soften the world on the cloudswing

The cloudswing is available in diverse editions: Last one is with sheepskin, losely fitted. Here you can see how our son relaxes on July 2012i in Zwolle, Stedelijk Museum Zwolle, STIL EVEN, in the back a painting from Robert Zandvlied and the work Secrets of the Skye in a inktjet on Hahne-Muhler paper edition

Have a look at this short movie made by Marijke van der Putten this one is made with flowered and curled embroidery, this wonderful expression of female identity!

Five Thai girls tried the Cloudswing and wrote down their feelings and  expierences before ánd after swinging. They reported:

"Everywhere is god... such a wonderful feeling."

"It made me think about the time when I was young and I have cried and my mum  swinged the bed for me, make me feel comfort, relax and peaceful…."

"Yes, I miss my mom….and childhood."

"Feeling really relax. Just want to stop the time right here, right now. never want to leave this place. feel that myself is beautiful and divine, as if I have become a child again... I feel that I am in the fantastic land. The glass over the swing I saw myself so beautiful and relax, never been that. So thank you very much for your kindness. Love this! !"