Emsgalerie Rheine

In 2016 we worked on three big panels for the ceilings of a shopping mall in Rheine. The brand new Emsgalerie will be open to the public from the 22nd of September, 2016. This tryptich called Ins Blaue hinein träumen is the largest work Margriet has ever made until now.

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Proposal Markthal Rotterdam

I have been asked to pitch a proposal for the Markthal Rotterdam. The commission is to fill the interior ceiling and walls (2 football fields large) with a huge, overwhelming artwork.

We gave all our hearts and energy to propose some gorgeous plans. However my ambition to fill the walls and ceiling did not fit the short time available to realize the project.

It would be great to see the market filled with floral temptations, comfortable clouds and feverish dreams. Do you maybe know a huge project which can use this energy?

In the Rose Flower, Museum Bommel van Dam, Venlo (NL)

April 2012 we where painting a huge mural on Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo (NL)  it's outer nordic wall together with Lys Vosselman and my daughter Lola Bezemer who is studying fine art  at the Rietveld academy Amsterdam.
It was great fun and exitement to paint the wall in this new way of working for me, not with a prefixed plan but reacting and letting grow 'en travaillant et regardant'

Read more about the painting the wall, text by Milou Goverde MA.

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An 11 meter wide work, commission by Houthoff-Buruma law firm in Amsterdam.

A work 11 metres wide, commissioned by Houthoff-Buruma law firm, Amsterdam, featuring frogs, irises, and fishes (September 2005). Click here for a bigger scrolling version of the work.

Out of the cocoon


[1998]  We stayed in Bihar, India, where the green caterpillar changes into golden silk, where women's hands unwind the cocoons, spin the threads, dye and weave; where Tasar silk provides an income without exploitation by outsiders. The Interchurch Organisation for Development Co-operation (ICCO) in Zeist, Holland, asked me to do a series on the enviromentally friendly produced Tasar silk. The exhibition (...) has been shown at the Nederlands Textielmuseum, Tilburg, Holland, the New Delhi Crafts Museum, India (summer 2002), and will be shown in Hong Kong. Like many Indian women, Talami Soren lowers her eyes and covers her head when I try to take a photo of her bringing the worms from an empty tree to a tree not yet devoured by caterpillars. Click here for the whole series.


The Art Photography Collection [Werk/Work] of Randstad asked me to make a series of  self portraits [1998]. These framed works are in daily use at the headoffice of Randstad in Diemen, near Amsterdam. [Some times they are shown at exhibitions outside]. Click here for the whole series.


Artwork for Ankara  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked me to make an artwork for the new chancery in Ankara (Turkey). On the garden wall of the new embassy a huge photo art work with measurements 10 x 2,5 meter is realised. The artwork is inspired by 'Les Nympheas' by Monet but also by paintings with floral still lifes of the 17th century.  Tulips are the symbol of the friendship between Turkey and The Netherlands.  After a strong winter the tulip is the first sign of fertility and new life in nature. Tulips were seen as holy flowers and were frequently portrayed in writings of the Koran and other holy scripts. Tulip and Allah are both written with the same letters in Arabic. After the tulip came to Europe via the hortus botanicus in Leiden, new sorts were developed. Since the 17th century diplomats gave special new tulip-bulbs as a gift to the sultans of Turkey. 

This commission brought new challenges. For making the work it was necessary to produce a large mirror of 3,3 meter width.
It was the start of the 'Tulipomania' series in which many special varieties of tulips are used. I hope you can get drunk in these gulfs. 

Music-stand Bergharen

In de Wolken, 2001, diameter 5.5m

For the municipality of Wychen I made in the little village Bergharen a big photograph of 5,5 meter diameter. Inspired by italian ceiling-paintings of the 17th century, several residents of the village were asked to model for a big ceiling photograph on the bandstand in the middle of their village. Right now they are looking downstairs in the bandstand listening to the music. I had asked to have the whole building painted light blue to emphasise the feeling of being 'in the clouds'. When the work was unveiled last november the whole village turned up complete with the local brassband.

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University of Tilburg / Commission of Art for building E

BREAD / WINE, 2003, 185 x 360 cm

In charge of the architect and other architectural experts, I made an artwork for the reception hall of the new building E, the TIAS-building.

Architect Walter van Oerle suggested an artwork with 'warm cooperation' as a central theme. With warm colours, a lot of flowers, and three models who are making a bread with wine. I made an imagination of the theme.

I hope that my artwork will incite the cooperating users of the building to a boundless creativity.

The measurements of the work are 185 x 360 cm and is printed by Luna-X on three parts cibachrome, plexified and mounted on dibond.