Holy Disorders

Ever since I was a child disorder obliged me to dream about a more beautiful world. I learned to enjoy disorder to make it more beautiful. A delightful new book is released - Holy Disorders - an overview of my work from the last five years! The 92 page book measures 24 by 20 centimeters and is bound in a traditional Japanese way. In addition to 35 photoworks it contains scribbles and droodles from my diary and the thought-provoking text 'The Posthumous Narcissus' by Cornel Bierens. Two different covers of the book are available. One of those depicts one of my newest works: Akebia Quinata. The other cover refers to my recent works inspired by Indonesia and depicts, among other things, orange tulips and kunjit.

You can order the book by making your payment of € 22,- plus the shipping costs (€ 5,- for the Netherlands and Germany and € 11,- for the rest of the world) to (BIC: INGBNL2A), IBAN: NL87INGB0003120108, under the name M. Smulders, stating ‘book’ and the address of delivery.

Special editions

You can order one of the special editions by sending your request to margrietsmulders@gmail.com, together with your payment.

No Mud, No Lotus, 2015, 40,5 x 30 cm, €1120,-, edition will be limited to 11 pieces.

Akebia Quinata, 2015, 50 x 89 cm, € 2200,- Vat included, edition is limited to 22 pieces. (Also in 95 x 150 cm, 6 pieces)

Tender Forces, 2015, 22 x 33 cm, special price € 400,-, edition will be limited to 22 pieces.

Vellasavaram, 2013, 37 x 24,5, € 580,-, edition will be limited to 11 pieces.



Margriet Smulders (2010)

This book is a testament to twenty-five years of artistry. The inspiration I have gleaned from the beauty of travel, nature and literature fuels the love that lies at the heart of my work. That love is also fuelled by the many people with whom I share life. Firstly, I would like to thank my family, my ‘happy gardener’ Frank Bezemer for all his support; our daughter Lola who calls me into line whenever I venture too far into the world of dreams; and our son Boris for his deep and soulful music. And naturally, last but not least, my heartfelt thanks to all those who have helped to bring this book to fruition and to spread my work.

It's a book to celebrate 25 years of art, a kaleidoscopic book with 89 colour photos also contains essays by 14 different authors on 14 different works of art.

Wouter Kloek, curator of 17th-century painting at the Rijksmuseum for 35 years, discusses my work and compares pieces such as For Jan van Huysum (2006) with 17th-century flower still lifes.

Former classmate Marina Aarts, who worked at Christies for 25 years, talks about the classic drama that she sees in Amor Vincit (2006), a work that hangs above her bed.

Laila Tijabi from India provides a richly descriptive account of Dear Heaven (2010).

Margriet's heart surgeon Francis Wells from Cambridge has penned an inspiring and touching piece on Death of a Siren (2010).

Poet Marjoleine de Vos, a food columnist for the NRC, describes how an octopus flies through the air in Octopus (2004).

Other authors include:
Yvonne Benschop (The Artist Working, 1997)
Prakash Chhangani (Alhambra, 1993)
Jan Derksen (My Dream, 2001)
Ellen Harris (O Benefit of Ill, 2008)
Matthias Harder (Bloody Roses, 2008)
Brigitte Lardinois (Maternité, 1988-1997)
Matthijs Schouten (Eat Me, Drink Me, 2007)
Johan van de Woestijne (The Face of the University).

The preface was written by Frank van de Schoor who, as curator of the Valkhof Museum, has been following my work for the past 25 years.

This English book is on sale in bookstores for € 39,45. You can purchase it by making your payment to the bank account below. The book will be sent to you.

The special edition consists of a light-blue box with the embossed title Margriet Smulders. The box contains the book and a small plexiglass artwork produced as a limited edition of 77 pieces. This special edition is on sale for € 373.

You can order the special edition and/or the book by making your payment to ING Bank account number 3120108 under the name M. Smulders, stating ‘book’ (including the number required) or ‘special edition’ (including the number required), the delivery address and your chosen photo if you are ordering the special edition.

If you would like to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of my art please send me an email and I can sign the book for you also with a special attention to someone you like.

Margriet Smulders

PS Here you see the four photos from which you can choose one for the special edition. Please click on the images to make them bigger.

Download the folder for the book: English / Dutch



Get Drunk

This English-language publication has 86 pages and is published (2006) in an edition of 1200 copies.  It contains 39 full-colour images of works created from 2002 onward, including the Tulipomania, Irises, Fish and Rose series.  Her most recent works were inspired by the work of Jan van Huysum.  The preface was written by Daniëlle Lokin, director of the Prinsenhof Museum in Delft, and is followed by an introductory text by Robbert Roos, chief editor of Kunstbeeld magazine.

Get Drunk! was designed by Frans Nies in Nijmegen and printed by Thoben Offset is Malden, and is published on the artist's account.

The price is € 45,00

Special Edition

In addition to the regular edition, a special edition is published, consisiting of 77 signed and numbered copies of the book plus a signed, numbered, and plexified cibachrome on aluminium (see image).  The work measures 21x17cm.  The photograph has been provided with a handing system.  The prize is € 500,- for the last 2 copies, including 6% VAT.  Subscription to this special edition is possible by paying € 500,00 to ING Bank 3120108 in the name of Margriet Smulders Nijmegen, mentioning your address.

This way you can have the book sent to you.   €15,00 is charged for postage (abroad). Your request will be handled in order of receipt. If the special edition is already sold out, the amount will be refunded immediately. You will receive an invoice in confirmation of your reservation.

The special edition is sold out. There are only 2 copies left of this special edition, these are artists proofs.



Sirene, Verlangen en Verleiding / Siren, Desire and Seduction

This large scale photobook Siren, Desire and Seduction counts 64 pages and is published in 2002 by Publisher Kempen in Liempde.

Text, in Dutch and English, is written by art-critic and curator Pietje Tegenbosch.

This first monography of Margriet Smulders shows her work from graduating up to the first big floral stil lifes.

The Cover shows the work My Dream, that was made in commision of the NRC Publishers.

Not much later My Dream was acquired by the Valkhof Museum in Nijmegen. To describe the unique timelessness of this piece, recently it has been purchased by private collectors.

While it has been published, in the same year your two exhibitions named Sirene, Verlangen en Verleiding were organized at Galerie Nouvelles Images in The Hague and Galerie Arti Capelli in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Hardcover book, sized 30 x 31 cm.

The price is € 35,00



Margriet Smulders fotografeert de Katholieke Universiteit in 75 Portretten

In 1998 the Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen Nijmegen commissioned Margriet Smulders to photograph employees (professors, secretaries, cooks, students e.a.) in order to celebrate the 75-year anniversary of the University.

Smulders, who graduated social studies in 1983, choose to work with staged photography and made, for this time, renewing collages of the employees and their working places.

Texts are written by authors Johan van de Woestijne, Flip Bool and Wim Bronzwaar.

This monumental book, with 168 pages, sized 30,5 x 23,5 cm, was published by Uitgeverij Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen.

The price is € 60,00 for a signed book.