2022-07-16 Let’s party and celebrate!!

Dear artlovers,
Let’s party and celebrate!!
Saturday 16th of July, Muriel Mager of Contour Gallery and yours truly are throwing a party to celebrate the exhibition ‘MAKE LOVE NOT WAR - the Power of the Flower’. From 3 PM till 5 PM
The party is in celebration of my new and fresh collaboration with Contour Gallery and we look back on Photo Basel, which really caught the eye. Read what the British Guardian wrote about it.
We can also tell you about our encounters and adventures in heat-tormented Celleno (IT) last month, during the exhibition ‘Incontro’.
We’d like to hear about your Summer stories too.
Maybe you know North sea Jazz festival? My work 'Fruits the Rococo’ is jazzing along at the exhibition ‘Empowerment’, together with works of art by other tough female artists. 
And last but not least, we'll present my latest works, such as Aturalia, (2022) and Nartificialia, (2022).
See you then!
Muriel Mager and Margriet Smulders