20-06-2018 / 30-10-2018 Das Paradies, Reinisch Contemporary, Graz

Pleased that my work is in Galerie Reinisch Contemporary in Graz, Austria for the show ‘Das Paradies’ with a.o. Franz West. Thanks to Helmut Reinisch and Manuela Schlossinger


PARADISE exhibition

Wednesday 20 June 2018, 19.00pm
Hauptplatz 6, 8010 Graz

Manuela Schlossinger

09-06-2018 / 16-09-2018 Valkhof Museum Nijmegen
The work Secrets of the Sky can be seen in the groupshow 99 + 1: Eigentijdse kunst van eigen bodem

7-9-2018 / 15-11-2018 soloshow Keine Angst vor Blumen! (No fear for flowers!)

Maximilianpark Hamm
Alter Grenzweg 2, 59071 Hamm
Opening: 7 September 2018

15-9-2018 / 15-11-2018 Show at Spalding NIX, Atlanta

On te occasion of Atlanta Photography Month

14-4 / 1-7 Anthologie: exhibition Buitenplaats Beeckestijn

The exhibition 'Anthology' (florilegium) where my work is on view right now, connects beautifully with the botanical gardens around Huis Beeckestijn in Velsen. Last autumn, Natuurmonumenten has planted 40.000 stinzen bulbs with the help of schools and volunteers. In Huis Beeckestijn the word 'Anthology' is interpreted in a special way by artists. Opulent tulip photos, spun insects, beautiful flower still lifes, a loss, Asian bulbs and a drama on the forest ground...

Oasis of peace
What makes Beeckestijn so special, is de comprehensive collection of garden styles. On the Beeckestijn estate you can walk through the gorgeous romantic forest or the tight geometrical gardens. In spring, you can enjoy more than 55 stinsen plants. The Buitenplaats Beeckestijn is an oasis of peace in the busy Randstad.

Participating artists: Margriet Smulders, Henze Boekhout, Piet van Leeuwen, Harold Strak, Hanny Suidgeest and (posthumous) Leendert Blok.

Buitenplaats Beeckestijn
14 April to 1 July, 2018
Open: Thursday to Sunday, 11.00am to 4.00pm
Address: Rijksweg 134, 1981 LD Velsen-Zuid


My newest works: Life Size Nature

19-11-2017 / 26-11-2017 PAN Amsterdam, fair for art, antiques and design.

ZERP Gallery shows my newest works in a solo presentation.

Can you help me to realize some dreams? Imagine! I would like to fill your dining rooms with my wild lifes. Maybe my work can embellish your dreams on the ceiling of your bedroom? Would you like to see your reception hall or hospital dancing with flowers? You may say I am a dreamer... but... I'll show you some recently realized dreams!

Feel welcome to enjoy also other artworks and antique: www.pan.nl

ZERP Gallery
Zic Zerp
tel: +31 (0)6 27823456

18-11-2017 PIN Party: Benefit auction for Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

At this very moment the work Tulips for Matisse is on show at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. On Saturday the 18th of November at 19.00 there will be the PIN. PARTY, a benefit auction for the Pinakothek.

All works that will be auctioned: http://www.pin-freunde.de/de/pin-party/auktion-2017/auktionslose-2017/
Karl & Faber: https://www.karlundfaber.de/produkt/tulips-for-matisse

8-09-2017 / 21-10-2017 Natura Morta TZR Galerie


Wild life / Still life


01-07-2017 / 31-08-2017 Kloster Bentlage, Den Fluss entlang

Did you already see the giant ceilings for the Emsgalerie „Ins Blaue hinein träumen“? These works celebrate nature and living around the river Ems. Walking along the river Ems you can see these ceilings and two kilometers further North the Cloister with a soloshow with around ten new floral ,wildlifes'.

Habt keine Angst vor Blumen!

Larissa Kikol (Kunstkritik / Kunstwissenschaft / Medientheorie) wrote about 'Angst' within intellectuals for flowers. (click on the picture below) in the new book Den Fluss entlang published by Kloster Bentlage June 2017.

28-04-2017 / 24-06-2017 „Wenn Dir’s in Kopf und Herzen schwirrt, ...

It was already a long time ago my works where shown in Munich. Elka Jordanow asked me again to make a great show. Let's do that to enjoy springtime in Bavaria!

„Wenn Dir’s in Kopf und Herzen schwirrt,
was willst Du Bess’res haben.
Wer nicht mehr liebt und nicht mehr irrt,
der lasse sich begraben.“
Please join us at the opening on 27 April from 6 p.m.
Vernissage:  Donnerstag, den 27. 4. 2017 ab 18 Uhr

28-5-2017 / 24-9-2017 „He, du! Halt an! Was ist das mit diesem Wasser Alter?

Last chance to visit Museum Katharinenhof, Kranenburg: soloshow in secret museum

Grand opening: Sunday 28th of May at 11.00 in the morning. Tulip collector Marlies Pernot will open the exhibition, and the septet Septime will play amongst others Song of the Rigging by Paul Gelsing and Septet by Frea van de Lavoir.

Read a review published in the Rheinische Post by clicking here.

26-2-2017 / 26-3-2017 Bewitch, Bewilder. Qualify to sing

Last month we lingered in Casa Amenta Maria, on a hill-top near Viterbo. 

We relaxed in the Bagni di Pappi (like the popes, Michelangelo ánd Dante Alighieri did).

I was reading a book about St.-Franciscus who lived in this area. 

Each morning when the rising sun entered our room we were awakened up by sheep bells. 

The sunlight blessed the bleating sheep and life was simple and peaceful.

Suddenly an earthquake swept the lamp above our bed. At the same time a new president was inaugurated. I tried to find my soul. 

When something loud, unruly, or chaotic is going on, there’s a hurly burly. It’s an old-fashioned British word. In fact, a witch in Shakespeare’s Macbeth says, “When the hurlyburly’s done, When the battle’s lost and won.” A hurly burly isn’t always as serious as war; though, it’s an informal word for a disturbance, a real to-do, the kind that wouldn’t be welcome in a library. Any hurly burly is noisy in some way.

the soloshow opened: Sunday 26 February, by a musical performance by Gerjan Piksen 


ZERP Galerie
Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 120A
3012 GV Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Preparing for the new year…


20-11-2016 / 27-11-2016 PAN Amsterdam

ZERP Gallery shows my newest works

overview Booth 134

ZERP Gallery
Zic Zerp
tel: +31 (0)6 27823456

24-9-2016 / 13-11-2016 When the Hurlyburly's Done: Solo exhibition at Galerie Dom'Arte

This new work With rosy cheeks and glancing eyes and voices sweet as honey is on show now at Gallery Dom'Arte in Rucphen, very near to Belgium.

The gallery is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays . Ánd also this last Sunday (November 13) from 11.00 to 17.00.

Gerry Broos
Langendijksestraat 3
4715 PH Rucphen
Tel: 0165 - 563 415 or 06 - 512 68 272


11-9-2016 / 8-1-2017 Blütenpracht, Neuen Galerie des Haus Beda, Bitburg

The Neue Galerie im Haus Beda presents a group exhibition Blütenpracht of works by contemporary artists.

Bedaplatz 1
54634 Bitburg
E-mail: info@haus-beda.de
Telephone: +49 (0) 65 61 96 45-0


16-6 / 16-7 We’ll see, it’s summertime….- The Cells # 19

‘A waft of sweetness in this cruel world where the twisted make us cry’ - André Adato

Nowadays, a growing number of people look for a safe haven, an enclosed garden to shut out the hardening and cruel world. Margriet Smulders tries to realise exactly such a secure and secluded place inside ‘De Cellen’ in Tiel.

Click on the picture below to see the entire exhibition.

The exhibition also shows works from inspiring artist friends:

-Madonna's with erotic devotion of Lys Vosselman

-Portraits of Arnoud van Mosselveld

-A staff of Margriet's husband Frank Bezemer

-Chrysanthemums of Cristiana Van Lammeren

These works all speak of softness, joy, or even severity, to Margriet


2-6 / 5 -6 Solo exhibition – KunstRAI 2016

Gallery Dom'Arte presents the work by Margriet Smulders in a solo booth at the KunstRAI, fair for contemporary art.

Stand 23
1078 GZ Amsterdam



22-5 / 19-6 Solo exhibition – Holy Order


ZERP Gallery Rotterdam


Margriet Smulders gives us a succession of emotions in the solo exhibition 'Holy Order'. The still lifes in her photographic works are arranged, planned and designed, but show us a world of chaos and abundance. A mix of exotic and western influences contributes to the rich layering and the perception of the work.

Opening: Sunday 29 May, 15.00-17.00

Poet Jeet Thayil, one of the most important English poets of India, will recite a poem in the gallery on Thursday the 9th of June at 13.45 during the Poetry International Festival.

This way his personal and cosmopolitan poems will connect with the colorful floral still lifes of Smulders. Both poet and artist are searching for the mysterious depths behind the shiny surface.

ZERP Gallery Rotterdam
Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 120A
3012 GV Rotterdam

2-4 / 11-9 Floralia in the Gorcums Museum

This saturday April 2 the show Floralia opens in the Gorcums Museum. Here you find some information on the show which is an ode to the love for flowers of several Dutch artists

This same saturday April 2 is the last day of the show in Düsseldorf at TZR gallery
The gallerist told me he had never seen so many visitors for a show in his gallery.
This message of Kai Brueckner makes me happy. Maybe the visitors number is so high because of the special wild frivolous designs we made on the walls and a tour-guide who was talking about my erotic (How is this possible?!) designs. ;-)


Gorcums Museum
Grote Markt 17
4201 EB Gorinchem


12-02-2016 / 02-04-2016 Holy disorders the show goes on till April 2

This saturday April 2 is the last day of the show in Düsseldorf at TZR gallery
The gallerist told me he had never seen so many visitors for a show in his gallery.
This message of Kai Brueckner makes me happy. Maybe the visitors number is so high because of the special wild frivolous designs we made on the walls and a tour-guide who was talking about my erotic (How is this possible?!) designs. ;-)

During Düsseldorf Photo Weekend TZR Galerie / Kai Brückner starts a soloshow with some new 'Holy Disorders' works and some older ones.
For the fifth edition of the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend, 12 – 14 February 2016, more than 50 galleries, museums, institutions and showrooms will be presenting a wide-ranging programme across the spectrum of photography. After the huge success of recent years, the Düsseldorf Photo Weekend has become a mainstay of the cultural art scene in Düsseldorf and also internationally the festival attracts more and more attention. 2016 the span of the exhibitions extend from the beginnings of photography in the 19th century to contemporary controversial debates about the role of the medium. info Düsseldorf Photoweekend

Read more
27-12-2015 / 17-01-2016 Fireworks

Zerp Galerie (Rotterdam) shows newest works in in a group exhibition: Fireworks

12-02-2016 / 14-02-2016 COFA Contemporary TZR Galerie

During Düsseldorf Photo Weekend TZR Galerie starts a solo show with my newest works.

Holy Disorders

This November a new book is published. Please give us a note if you are interested in a special edition.

Holy Disorders, A delightful new book

No Mud, No Lotus, 2015, 40,5 x 30 cm, €1120,-, edition will be limited to 11 pieces.

Ever since I was a child disorder obliged me to dream about a more beautiful world. I learned to enjoy disorder to make it more beautiful. A delightful new book  - Holy Disorders - is released! The 92 page book gives an overview of my work from the last five years and measures 24 by 20 centimeters and is bound in a traditional Japanese way. In addition to 35 photoworks it contains scribbles and droodles from my diary and the thought-provoking text 'The Posthumous Narcissus' by Cornel Bierens. Two different covers of the book are available. One of those refers to my recent works inspired by Indonesia and depicts, among other things, orange tulips and kunjit. The other cover depicts one of my newest works: Akebia Quinata.

To celebrate the release of the new book four works are available for a special price, until the end of 2015. You will receive the special editions plexified, mounted on dibond and with a hanging system. The edition number and signature are on the backside. Of course you will receive the book as well as a signature. Please let me know if you wish a special motto.

You can order the book by making your payment of € 22,- plus the shipping costs (€ 5,- for the Netherlands and Germany and € 11,- for the rest of the world) to (BIC: INGBNL2A), IBAN: NL87INGB0003120108, under the name M. Smulders, stating ‘book’ and the address of delivery.

You can order one of the special editions by sending your request to margrietsmulders@gmail.com, together with your payment. If you do not want to miss this as a Christmas present order before december 4.

Akebia Quinata, 2015, 50 x 89 cm, € 2200,- Vat included, edition will be limited to 22 pieces. (Also in 95 x 150 cm, 6 pieces)

Tender Forces, 2015, 22 x 33 cm, special price € 400,-, edition will be limited to 22 pieces.

Vellasavaram, 2013, 37 x 24,5, € 580,-, edition will be limited to 11 pieces.

19-11-2015 / 22-11-2015 COFA Contemporary with TZR Gallery

In Germany's Rhineland Cologne Fine Art (COFA), organizers have announced a new sister-fair called "COFA Contemporary."

According to COFA director Cornelia Zinken, the contemporary branch of the fair will run as a one-time pilot event from November 19-22, 2015, on the second floor of COFA's traditional venue at Kölnmesse.

TZR gallery from Düsseldorf wil show ca 5 works tin a duo show together with Jasper de Beijer

My wish to make bigger works in which you can get drunk
This is an impression of a former show in Museumvan Bommel van Dam Venlo summer 2012
Sunflowertime: in honor of van Gogh.

Arti & Amicitiae

It has been 125 years ago Vincent van Gogh died. In his honour I made two works which now will be on show in Arti & Amicitiae, Rokin, Amsterdam.

Vincent van Gogh: I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.

In 2012 I worked as an artist in residence in the village where Van Gogh was born. In the backyard of the studio was a nice garden with sunflowers and dalias.

Read more
26-7 / 30-8 Solo Exhibition – One Day We Went Out Fishing

Zerp Gallery Rotterdam


In the exhibition "One day we went out fishing" Margriet Smulders presents her works inspired by her dreams about Indonesia. The intense colours heighten all the senses and draw you in, so that you enter into an ecstatic state where all you want is to enter the frame and drink it all in. She gives you the experience of walking through a Garden of Eden full of surprise and temptation, where layer upon layer can be discovered. A fusion of cultural heritage, oriental and western, adds to the richness of the experience of watching her photographs. Whirlpools of gloss and liquids can be found along flowers presented like the most precious jewels. 

You can visit the exhibition “One Day We Went Out Fishing” until 30th of August.

click on the image to see the whole series

7-2015 Publication in Colours
Colours, Garuda Indonesia's in-flight magazine, which enjoys a readership of over 1.9 million per month made an item on the show in Jakarta.

It’s wonderful how the sailing boats could sail among the flowers on my still lives which thus became seascapes.

These works are made to comfort if possible people who lost their dearest ones the 17th of July 2014. The works have new titles. It takes time to give them the right ones. Time to read poems and listen to the muses, my inner voice or is it a voice from above? Time to dream on my cloudswing and work in the garden.

To Paradise?

Last May, we went to Indonesia for the opening of my show in Erasmushuis, Jakarta. In the gorgeous botanical garden (founded in 1817) Kebun Raya Bogor (Buitenzorg) we mixed with the scientific staff in a workshop there and discussed photography of flowers and gardens. How can a photo capture and explain the love we feel to work in this mesmerizing place, surrounded by  impressive royal trees. Is there a way the photo manages to convey the divine atmosphere of the garden? I like this photo a lot. Click on the image when you like to see the bigger picture.

12-5-2015 / 30-7-2015 Erasmus Huis in Jakarta
Exposition in Jakarta with works from new photo series One day we went out fishing.



Floral arabesques in the traditional art of Java and Bali inspired Margriet Smulders to make a new series of works.

In batik art, the interconnected elements of the image demand equal attention. In the same way one can make endless new discoveries when looking at the new works from the series One day we went out fishing.

It is precisely the coexistence on equal terms of these diverse elements that ensure that the viewer is never bored.

Painting with her camera, Margriet Smulders creates her own mystique orientale.

75 Portraits / Nijmegen University from an old box of last century
In 1997 I was commissioned to capture the face of the Radboud University Nijmegen in 75 portraits. Showing both well known and less known people in the university, it resulted in a social stratification of the time.

click to see some samples from the book

"Het vroegere werk van Margriet Smulders is wel vergeleken met dat van de Amerikaanse kunstenares Cindy Sherman. Die kruipt echter steeds in de huid van een ander, terwijl Margriet Smulders steeds zichzelf blijft. Nu zij haar camera ook op anderen richt, dringt zich eerder een vergelijking op met de Keulse fotograaf August Sander die in de jaren twintig en het begin van de jaren dertig de sociale stratificatie van zijn tijd fotografisch trachtte te analyseren."
– Flip Bool, directeur van het toenmalige Nederlands Fotoarchief, in het voorwoord van het boek.

Contact me to purchase a signed exemplary of the book for € 75.

2-4-2015 / 2-8-2015 Rotterdam Contemporary
Galerie Domarte shows new works with delicate poppies who only live a very short time.
Carpe Diem!

Cruise Terminal Rotterdam
Wilhelminakade 699, 3072 AP Rotterdam

12-14-2014 / 01-25-2015 Salon Zerp Rotterdam
All artists of gallery Zerp

M  +31(0)6 278 23456 (Zic Zerp)
It shines, it whispers. The hum of either army stilly sounds

11-23-2014 / 11-30-2014 PAN Artfair Amsterdam
M  +31(0)6 278 23456
A new series to bring comfort to people who lost their dearest ones.

20-9-2014 / 17-10-2014 All Coherence Gone"?
Historical currents in contemporary still life 20.09.2014-17.10.2014
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06-22-2014 / 31-8-2014 Strength of Vulnerability
DREAM ON! Willem 3
Oranjestraat 4, BB Vlissingen, 0118-415505


In Vlissingen near the sea a gorgeous show on the strength of vulnerability:

With Tender Forces we fight for strong softness. To make a more beautifull world we dream and transform in silence. Get drunk in these dreams at the show near the seaside in Vlissingen.

Shows works of Regula Maria Muller, Christiana van Lammeren, Lisa Vieten, Kinke Kooi, Judit Hettema, Andy Holden, Marenne Welten, Margriet Smulders 
On the basis of a Tender Forces concept.

Read more
13-5-2014 / 9-8-2014 Blütezeit (Blooming Time) DZ Bank (ARTCOLLECTION)
Wild Leben / Wild Life

DZ BANK [ARTCOLLECTION] ART FOYER  in Frankfurt features gorgeous floral works.
Frankfurter Neue Presse tells us about the show (27.05.2014 / http://www.fnp.de/nachrichten/kultur/Durch-die-Blume-gesprochen;art679,871520):

"Zu den ausgestellten Neuerwerbungen gehört ein Werk der Holländerin Margriet Smulders, die statt Stillleben eine Art Wildleben fabriziert: Blumen in freiem Fall, schwappendes Wasser, spritzende Farben bilden gemeinsam ein farbintensives Action-Painting. ..... Margriet Smulders mit ihren ekstatischen Bildern"

On show works from: Nobuyoshi Araki, Sophie Calle, Hannah Collins, Imogen Cunningham, Joan Fontcuberta, Dieter Huber, Peter Hutchinson, Leiko Ikemura, Gert Kiermeyer, Rosemary Laing, Jean-Luc Moulène, Werner Pawlok, Irene Peschick, Anne & Patrick Poirier, Bettina Rheims, Richard Ross, Jörg Sasse, Gundula Schulze Eldowy, Helmut Schweizer, Luzia Simons, Margriet Smulders, Tim Spott, Ingolf Timpner, Lars Tunbjörk, Beza von Jacobs, Manfred Willmann a.o.


DZ Bank recently bought two works for their art collection:

This Gives Life To Me, 2013, 160 x 120 cm (here in the show) and Praised be man, 2010, 110 x 162 cm

24-7-2014 / 28-7-2014 Art Southampton 2014
Atlanta, Georgia 30305 United States


Art Southampton Pavilion | Southampton Elks Lodge
605 County Road 39
Southampton, NY 11968

Do you want to see 'Three Wishes' come true? Or know more about the way works like 'Lupinelure’ and 'Three Wishes’ are being made? The meaning of milk? Why I am inspired by Shakespeare?

Relax and take 7and a half minutes to get drunk in my newest movie on youtube, made for you and the visitors of Art Southampton.

6-4-2014 12-7-2014 ,Schoonheid' (Beauty) Galerie DomArte
Spring- and Summertime in Rucphen at galerie DomArte

Langendijksestraat 3 / 4715 PH Rucphen

galerist Gerry Broos cellphone : 00-31-(0)6-51268272



Thursday and Friday: 11:00 tot 17:00
Saturday and sunday:    14:00 tot 17:00 and on appointment

please phone  0031-6 51268272 for the gallerist Gerry Broos

This Gives Life To Me
Shakespeares Sonnet 18

Dedicated to my parents who gave me my life: My father once recited by heart Shakespeares Sonnet 18. My mother taught me while we waited for her cardiologist who told her she suffered endocarditis, a life-threatening heart infection I suffered myself in 2005. I survived. My mother died summer 2012.
click on the image and read the  sonnet in which the theme of immortality through verse is explored.

Henri Matisse, Picasso, Raoul Dufy, Francis Picabia and Kirchner
Click here to download a PDF file of the publication in Elle Decoration Germany, January & February 2014

The big work 'This gives life to me' is made after a long silence since the death of my mother. Now in a private collection only a few footsteps away from Henri Matisse, Picasso, Raoul Dufy, Francis Picabia and Kirchner. I called it ,This gives life to Me', in honor of my parents who gave me my life and creativity. I am very happy and proud this work is now in a collection together with some of my biggest inspirators in art.

till 12-04-2014 Still-Leben
A Show on Still Life @ Jordanow Gallery, Munich.

5-2-2014 / 9-2-2014 RAW Art Fair
http://www.rawartfair.com/pagina.php?p=3Galerie Dom Arte

For Odilon Redon inspired by our visit in 2011 at the Grand Palais, Paris where we saw this gorgeous show on Odilon Redon

Val Willams newest book on Masterpieces

Val Williams, professor of  the history and culture of photography and director of the Photography and Archive Research Center at the London College of Communication recognized the work Amor Omnia Vincit, 2005, as a masterpiece. She included it in  her book “What Makes Great Photography : 80 Masterpieces Explained.”
Amor Onia Vincit is full of flowers and herbs good for the heart.

Read more
24-11-2013 / 1-12-2013 PAN Amsterdam
Zic Zerp Gallery shows my newest works


extended till 29-9-2013: Finissage Veel Liefgs, Museum IJsselstein
You can visit this show, dedicated to love and happiness till the finissage on sunday 29. Works of Frank Bezemer and Margriet Smulders, and the relaxing Cloudswing.
Feel welcome to attend the finissage on sunday September 29 starting 2.30PM with a performance of experimental music compositions by VONK, (our son Boris Bezemer and Gerjan Piksen)

The piece that VONK will present is written for violin, alto saxophone, bassoon and cello. The theme is love. VONK questions: But what do we understand of love? It starts with a small spark, and then continues to grow until it has become huge and incomprehensible.

We have the great pleasure that four passionate musicians will rehearse and perform the work: Tseroeja van den Bos (violin), Marijke van Essen (bassoon), Ilse Bies (alto saxophone) and Rinske Bosma (cello).



Walkade 2-4
3401 DS IJsselstein
Telefoon 030-6886800

Dutch folder

8-7-2013 / 25-8-2013
Solo at the Hagedorn Foundation, Atlanta, GA
Margriet Smulders’ work recalls the rich dense burgundy, eggplant, umber and verdigris tones of the Dutch Golden Age painters in lush bouquets and cinematic format. The all over surfaces of Jackson Pollock’s works are referenced in these pieces, as are the sensuality and color saturation of Bettina Rheims, the immersive women and nature videos of Pipoletti Rist, and David LaChapelle's high chroma compositions. To achieve these effects, in the specific works in this gallery, Smulders’ uses large mirrors, elaborate glass vases, rich draperies, fruit and cut blooms.

Solo Show at Jordanow, Galerie für Fotografie, Munich
A solo show at Jordanow / Galerie für Fotografie, Munich
12 Sept- 19 October 


12/7/2013 - 11/8/2013 A perfect, still, beautiful moment, Gallery ZIC ZERP
A group-exhibition with artworks by Jak Beemsterboer, Wout Berger, Margriet Smulders and Pim Top.

Exhibited together, the works of these artists form a poetic exploration of the possibilities of photographic imagery. We hope you join us in celebration of A perfect, still, beautiful moment.


14-11-2012 / 9-12-2012
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 9 Tverskoy Boulevard


30-6-2013, 11.25 PM, herhaling van 2-12-2012, 11.25 PM, Paradise Reset
Reset again:  30-6-2013, 11.25 PM,
This new LUX tv Series investigates visions that change the world. The prophetic call of German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk to change your life is answered in 4 evenings starting Sunday December 2, 11.25 PM
Very proud to have my work featured in this series with an interview and view of our garden.

trailer see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaFDg_GELHU
movie: http://www.uitzendinggemist.nl/afleveringen/1310048

18-11-2012 / 25-11-2012 pAn Amsterdam
Enjoy this gorgeous Art and Antique Fair

Go and see my work at Booth 133: Zic Zerp Gallery


6-10-2012 / 7-11-2012 The Match
with Frank Bezemer
Galerie Nouvelles Images, The Hague/

Nouvelles Images shows a selection of my cloud pictures combined with sculptures of Frank Bezemer, my husband. During the opening there will be music of VONK: A two-man band with Gerjan Piksen and my son Boris Bezemer. I particularly look forward to this opening and exhibition. In the great hall of Nouvelles Images you can see works of Jasper de Beijer,  Jan van der Pol and jewelry of Andrea Wippermann.
Phone: +3170-3461998

14-10-2012 / 17-10-2012 Delight
Zic Zerp Gallery, Rotterdam

30-9-2012 / 5-11-2012
Galerie Dom Arte Rucphen
Together with ARMANDO ans Sjoerd Buijsman.

16-10-2012 / 3-11-2012 Contemporary Still Life
In the Austrian city Graz photographic works will be displayed in a groupshow. Other participants in the exhibition are Seiichi Fruruya, Robert van der Hilst, Christian KRI Kammerhofer, Rudi Molacek, Fritz Panzer, Anton Petz, Gerwald Rockenschaub, HubertSchmalix, Mary Serebriakova and Tjalf Sparnay.
Reinisch Contemporary, Hauptplatz 6, 8010 Graz, AUSTRIA
Phone: +43 (0)316 82 1111

11-08-2012 / 23-09-2012 Lost Paradise
Blumenbilder in der Fotografie der Gegenwart
Mönchenhaus Museum am Rosentor, Goslar

6-5-2012 / 19-8-2012 Lost in Flowers, Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo (NL)
Classical and contemporary floral artworks by Margriet Smulders, Arjan van Arendonk, Ellen Jess, and Hildegard Monssen.


14-4-2012 /15-10-2012 In the Rose Flower Paint Shared
April 2012 we where painting a huge mural on Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo (NL)  it's outer nordic wall together with Lys Vosselman and my daughter Lola Bezemer who is studying fine art  at the Rietveld academy Amsterdam.
It was great fun and exitement to paint the wall in this new way of working for me, not with a prefixed plan but reacting and letting grow 'en travaillant et regardant'

Read more about the painting the wall, text by Milou Goverde MA.

More photos on Facebook

17-5-2012 / 31-8-2012 Hagedorn Foundation Gallery, Atalanta (USA): extending the show through August
Gallery in Atlanta (USA) shows eight top works.


contact: brenda@hfgallery.org

9-4-2012 / 12-8-1212 Stil Even, Zwolle
Come and see on Easter Monday a new show on Still-life in Zwolle.

Stedelijk Museum Zwolle


Click here for a digital invitation.

Sonnet XIIX Shakespeare
Sonnet XIIX "Shall I compare thee to a Summer's Day?"  provided the  titles of this newest series of works.
The sonnet encourages me and maybe you to see the world and your loved ones as a summerday.
Happiness is a tricky business in Art, but we nééd this dangerous beauty.
So who cares...... enjoy: this new series on this website .
See them in real in the musea in Zwolle and Venlo or at Zic Zerps gallery Rotterdam

14-4-2012 / 28-10-2012 The Color of Water, Zuiderzee
Two works 'Las Vegas' and 'Un hémisphère dans une chevelure will' be seen at the exhibition 'Colour of water' at Zuiderzee.


.... / 6-3-2012 KunstRai Amsterdam
Gallery Dom Arte shows ,You are in my heart' next to Armando's and Leon Adriaans in Booth 25.
Gallery Zic Zerp shows the newest series and secrets of the skies in his Booth 59.

29-4-2012 / 26-05-2012 solo at Gallery Zic Zerp
This show features new works entiteld by Shakespeare's Sonnet 18  ,Shall I compare thee to a summers day?'
To celebrate the abundance of life Margriet ,painted' flowers and vegetables inspired by her stay in the rural village where van Gogh was born and lived his childhood. This 'Artist-in-Residency' in Zundert is surrounded by a huge vegetable garden with a lot of dahlia's and sunflowers.
Van Gogh's famous 'Starry Night'  was hounoured when making: 'Rough Winds': a night blue work with yellow sunflowers. To celebrate this first solo show at Zic Zerps Gallery Lola Bezemer illustrated her impression of the works "Shall I compare thee to a summersday?'  by the performance of the birthday cake.


March/April 2012 Still Life

Colhamos flores, pega tu nelas e deixa-as
No colo, e que o seu perfume suavize o momento
let us pick flowers
will you take them
and put them
on your lap
And may their fragrance soften the moment

Working last month in Evoramonte Portugal I opened a book with poems and came across one  by F. Pessoa. I want to work in a more relaxed way and enjoy the moments. I was preparing and practising for a huge mural to be made on the outer walls of Museum van Bommel van Dam to celebrate the Floriade in Venlo (NL).
After Easter we will start to paint with growing, pruning and flowering energy.
I am very grateful for their challenging commission and curious how this will work out.


till 18-3-2012 Galerie Dom Arte
Margriet Smulders shows her Photography and Cloudswing together with Reinoud van Vught's mesmerizing paintings.

Let yourself inspire till March 18
Opening hours 28-01-2012 / 18-03-2012 thu/fri  11.00 AM/ 5.00PM sat/sun 2.00/5.00PM or on appointment.
Galerie Dom'Arte I Gerry Broos Langendijksestraat 3 4715 PH Rucphen I Roosendaal tel 0031 165 56 34 15 I gsm 0031 6 51 26 82 72

7-9-2011 / 5-11-2011 Flowers: Time, Death & Beauty
Nobuyoshi Araki, Jessica Backhaus, Amin El Dib, Hans Hansen, Sandra Kantanen, Martin Klimas, Sofia Koukoulioti , Vera Mercer , Romana Prinoth, Christian Rothmann , Collier Schorr , Luzia Simons, Margriet Smulders, Michael Wesely.

Foto Kunst Stadtforum
6020 Innsbruck  


Overview exhibition

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23-7-2011 / 24-7-2011 Open Studio
During the months June and July I was working as an ‚Artist-in-Residence” in guest studio of Vincent van Goghhuis, Zundert. Vincent van Gogh was born here and lived here till age 15. I am enjoying this region on my bike exploring the landscapeThis weekend my studio was open to the public from noon till five.


I was working on the cloudswing. I committed myself to focus and organize my life and work in a more soft and relaxed way. You can relax on my cloudswing with me and think how the cloudswing can better the life of people in our western world. Do you know any places where this will work? I am thinking of airports, sollicitors offices, bankingbuildings, hospitals, psychiatric clinics, and enterprizes where people like to enjoy life while working in the meantime.  Please send me your reaction to getdrunk@xs4all.nl

Five thai girls tried the cloudswing and wrote down their feelings and  expierences before ánd after swinging. They reported:

Everywhere is god... such a wonderful feeling.

It made me think about the time when I was young and I have cried and my mum  swinged the bed for me, make me feel comfort, relax and peaceful….

yes, I miss my mom….and childhood

Feeling really relax. Just want to stop the time right here, right now. never want to leave this place. feel that myself is beautiful and divine, as if I have become a child again... I feel that I am in the fantastic land. The glass over the swing I saw myself so beautiful and relax, never been that.

So thank you very much for your kindness. Love this! !

10-7-2011 / 27-9-2011 Beeldende kunst in kasteel Oud-Rekem
Visual Art in Castle Oud-Rekem, Belgium, near Maastricht

Tijdelijk ver-blijf, curated by Annemie Van Laethem, Tanya Rumpff, Kasteel d'Aspremont-Lynden, Oud-Rekem, Belgium.

Mark Manders (NL), Esther Tielemans (NL), Michelangelo Pistoletto (I), Sylvie Macias-Diaz ( S), Dirk Zoete (B), Florian Roithmayr ( D), Koen Vermeule (NL), J. Machado De Souza  (Braz.), Meschac Gaba  (NL), Herbert Hamak (D), Tadashi Kawamata (J), Kris Vleeschouwer  (B), Erik Croux  (B), Koen van den Broek (B), Michel François (B), Otobong Nkanga  (F), Marc Oosting  (NL), Veron Urdarianu  (NL), Mathieu Knippenbergh  (NL), Zeger Reyers (NL), Alexandra Leykauf  (D), Masachi Echigo  (J), Andrei Roiter  (Ussr), Masachi Echigo  (J), Wilhelm Mundt  (D), Jeroen Van Bergen  (NL), Gabriel Lester (NL), Gert Robijns  (B), Honoré d’O   (B), Margriet Smulders (NL), Bylex  (C ).

27-5-2011 / 19-6-2011 Siren Blood at Galerie Antoine Laurentin
till 25-05-2011 The show goes on
Until the 25th of May you can see ten works in the upper room of Galerie Nouvelles Images in The Hague.
Bloedrode stippen in NRC

12 -3-2011 / 13-4- 2011 Tell me about your dreams
Galerie Nouvelles Images, the Hague, On view are works of the series 'Parfum Exotique" 'Siren Blood', "Get Drunk", "Bloody Hell" and "Lucylures" to celebrate 25 Years of Art. To celebrate the oeuvre of Margriet Smulders a catalogue is published and presented in the gallery.

The gallery shows  in this period also works of Jan van der Pol and Gabriëlle van der Laak.

FOTO (=) KUNST 26-2 / 19-6-2011
Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen
This show features an international group of artists who all use this medium as a way of constructing their own realities, be it dreams or theaters, disasters or soft energies. All of them bring you in their own amazing, gorgeous worlds full of imagination and wonders.

Hans Op de Beeck, Jasper de Beijer, Dirk Braeckman, Elspeth Diederix, Uta Eisenreich, Ruud van Empel, Teun Hocks, Ellen Kooi, Paul Kooiker, Wouter van Riessen, Margriet Smulders, Marjan Teeuwen.

"O schoon gebloemt! 3-2-2011 / 17-4-2011
Galerie LUMC shows 10 artists who are inspired by 17th century Dutch floral still-lifes.
2-3-2011 / 6-3-2011 SCOPE ART Show NYC
Witzenhausen gallery, New York City will present some works at the SCOPE ART Fair

And a small independent art fair Location: Witzenhausen Gallery SOHO

Time: 6:00PM Thursday, March 3rd www.witzenhausengallery.nl

11-11-2010 / 5-3-2011 Bloody Roses
Margriet Smulders at Galerie Jordanow, Fürstenstaße 11-80333, Munich

This show features the series 'What Potions have I drunk of Siren tears'
Sonnet CXIX Shakespeare

11-12-2010 / 02-02-2011
Nouvelles Images 50 years, part Two
39 Artists

18 -9- 2010 / 2 -2- 2011 A la c'Arte – The art of food - Food in art


The exhibition A la c’Arte serves a tasty mixture of food in art.  With bacchanalias, game pieces, still lifes, Biblical meals, and family portraits – from artists such as Frans Francken, Frans Snijders and David Teniers, Henk Helmantel and  Margriet Smulders. A presentation of old and modern art, mixed together and accentuated with artist-decorated crockery. 
Four Michelin Star chefs present in word and image  how they have created, inspired by the works of art, a fabulous four course menu.
At other locations in the museum the visitor will also find presentations of historic glass and china.

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3/4-2010 Turning East

Will it be possible to still my longings and live a modest life?
At the moment I am traveling through India on a six-week trip, visiting Gujarat and Rajasthan to work with women on a new series embroidered bedcovers for my cloud-swing.
Like a new lover, this mesmerizing country appeals to me. Last summer India blessed me with experiences that I've always longed for.
There is the potential of something astounding about to happen.

18-4-2010 / 30-5-2010

BEAUTY | Flowers in Photography
Dietmar Busse, Thomas Florschuetz, Jean Baptiste Huynh, Martin Klimas, Vera Mercer, Erik Niedling, Christian Rothmann, Miron Schmückle, Luzia Simons, Margriet Smulders, Michael Wesely

curated by Matthias Harder, Chief curator Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin State Museums, Germany

16-1-2010 / 06-3-2010 SIREN BLOOD
Extended opening time till march 6
Exhibition at RONMANDOS Gallery, Amsterdam

Gallery Ron Mandos will start 2010 with an overwhelming show: new
mesmerizing work by Margriet Smulders is combined with ethereal porcelain
(re)constructions by Bouke de Vries. Thanks to auction house Christies
Amsterdam, a wonderful selection of floral still lives from the seventeenth
century will be shown.

In 'Siren Blood', Margriet Smulders presents a new series of works with a
more playful character, inspired by a journey to the Himalayas. You can
enjoy a mesmerizing and relaxing experience swinging on a cloud as big
as a queen's bed, surrounded by dark blue, more abstract works. Let
yourself be completely seduced by the magical and sensual attraction of
her work.
  – Lotte ten Voorde


Press - Lotte ten Voorde (lotte@ronmandos.nl - T. +31(0)20 320 7036)

Sales - Zic Zerp (zic@ronmandos.nl - M. +31(0)6 2782 3456)

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